2020 RRD Addiction Kite

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The new ADDICTION Y25 is the new Big Air Power machine. The open C-shape with 5 struts, the slightly backwards running tips and an open curved leading edge shape develop an enormous lift and hangtime that will almost scare every woo fan. The constant power development make this forgiving power-showering freestyle / freeride kite a kite that all big air fans and jump fanatics will love. The ADDICTION is also offered as a LIGHT WIND version, where the focus is primarily on hangtime and good upwind characteristics, instead of rapid kiteloops. The new open kite shape provides an even smoother feeling from jump to landing. If you are not already, you will definitely be “addicted” to this new jump weapon from RRD.

Key features:

Internal and external additional reinforcements on each leading edge

Leading edge panels reinforced by 45 degrees

Bridle anti-tangle device

5-strut construction with additional rounded Kevlar reinforcements

Double Dacron reinforcements on the middle strut

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