2020 RRD Passion Kite

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In its new version, the new PASSION Y25 not only inspires every freeride enthusiast, but also big air and wave kiters. Opening the wing tips and adding a pulley near the leading edge increased the kite’s maneuverability and stability. The improved overall performance increases the entire wind range and enables incredible power delivery and enormous stability. The broad tips result in direct implementation of control commands and fast turning behavior. By opening the wingtips and the higher flight speed, unique lift and hangtime services can now be accessed more easily and offer freestylers the opportunity to jump faster kite loops. Due to the light bar forces and better flight stability, the kite is not only recommended for demanding freeriders, but is also ideal for foil kiters. Specifically in sizes 13.5, 15 and 17, it was optimized for light winds by reducing the weight and adjusting the front tube diameter. This made it possible to further increase the performance in planing and running uphill without worsening the outstanding relaunch quality.

Key features:

High-performance freeride kite with wave, freestyle and Leichwtind genes – wide range of uses

Unhooked very stable, predictable turning behavior and precise bar feeling

Outstanding crash resistance thanks to exclusive patches

Powerful basic pull as well as excellent high-altitude running with low holding forces

Water start: quick and easy relaunch even in light winds

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