2020 RRD Religion Kite

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Enjoy a pure and radical surf session with the true wave legend – the RELIGION. The Religion Y25 is one of the mostly fast rotating wave kites on the market. The 25th anniversary version retains all the good features. There were only minor changes compared to the previous model. In the smaller sizes (4-8m), the longer leading edge and the pulleys on the bridles ensure greater stability and control in strong winds and gusty conditions. As a result, the kite can regulate itself better and thus ensures excellent drift and maximum depower for a wave ride at the highest level. When the kite is at its zenith, it now flies more stable and holds the position in a controlled manner, no chance for backstalls.The new shape not only improves speed and response time, but also reduces the traction on the trapeze this allows more variability in the bottom turns and cutbacks and provides more control in all strapless freestyle maneuvers. In addition, these new features optimize the wind range, the up-hill properties and the hangtime. In addition, the entire range has an adjustment option on the bridle. There is a choice between Wave (lower position in the wind window, more drift, less bar pressure) and Freestyle Wave (kite flies further to the edge of the wind window, has a more direct bar feeling, can be better depowered and develops more lift). The special Dacron, which is used for the unique design, strengthens the kite immensely and ensures a much longer lifespan.

Key features:

Extremely robust and light construction: 60% heavy-duty Dacron frame and 40% super-light D2 Technoforce flight cloth

Uncompromising wave kite with outstanding crash resistance and exclusive patches

Fast, very constant and smooth turning behavior with precise bar feeling, therefore particularly suitable for strapless riders and wave freestyle

Excellent drift properties and upwind performance

4-8sqm kite sizes have pulleys and a wider leading edge for better drift characteristics, greater maneuverability and better control even with depower

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