2020 RRD Vision Kite

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The Vision Y25 offers a versatile, easy-to-use, responsive and predictable kite that supports you in your development in any discipline. Its fast turning speed, the direct feeling of bar in combination with its constant strength and stability gives you the feeling of being in complete control in no time and of being connected to the kite. The Vision Y25 is a kite that works in all conditions and is fun for everyone, whether as a beginner or advanced, whether freestyle or wave riding. A must-have for you too!

Key features:

Lively all-round kite suitable for all areas of application, wind and wave conditions – for safe and relaxed cruising, waveriding and freestyle

Gentle and even train construction, easy turning and good-natured smooth flight behavior, therefore forgiving and stable in all maneuvers

Medium basic pull, medium holding and steering forces as well as good upwind performance

On request, an excellent lift, high jump height and appealing hangtime

Outstanding crash resistance thanks to exclusive patches

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