2020 JP SUP AnglAir SE 3DS


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Das AnglAir ist ein echter Angelspezialist! Das Board hat mit 38 “eine extra breite Outline, die eine kippstabile Plattform für lange Stunden auf dem Wasser bietet. Speziellen Features, wie Scotty-Halterungen und Bungen-Riemen, sorgen für ausreichend Platz für die gesamte Ausrüstung. Eine robuste Kick-Up Finne ermöglicht Fahrten über (zu) seichte Stellen. Das Komplettpaket für jeden engagierten Angler!

Division: JP SUP


Season: 2020

Gewicht(kg): 13.1

Breite(cm): 96

Volumen(l): 419

Länge(cm): 335

Key Features:

The AnglAir is a dedicated fishing specialist. The board has a super wide outline at 38” that offers a stable platform for long hours on the water. Full of specialized features like Scotty mounts , bungee tie downs and stake out loops, it makes sure that all the accessories that you will need can be loaded onto it. A kick-up fin for an easy glide over shallow areas completes the package. Our Triple Layer Composite and our Double Layer constructions both include the specially developed process of pre-lamination. This high tech process consists of machine-lamination of the multiple layers into a shell that has accurate thickness as well as superior abrasion and stretch properties. Compared to normal double layer boards we have been able to remove the manual glue application from the process and with it the room for error, the excess weight of the glue and the additional health hazards for our workers. The fiber reinforced layers create super strong and durable boards with a minimal amount of stretch.

Key Features English:

3D Stringer

Welded Seam Technology

Kick-up fin

Bungee rope + Scotty Mounts

2 Year Warranty


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