2020 JP SUP Venus 5″ LE

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Für 2020 haben wir uns entschlossen, die Venus-Paddle-Board-Linie wieder einzuführen. Wir bringen die 2 gängigen Größen aus unseren AllroundAir- und CrusAir-Serien in einer wunderschönen Farbkombination. Noch wichtiger ist, dass die Bretter eine Dicke von 5“ haben, um eine niedrigere Standposition und ein geringeres Gewicht zu erzielen.

Division: JP SUP


Season: 2020

Gewicht(kg): 8.4

Breite(cm): 81

Volumen(l): 256

Länge(cm): 319

Key Features:

For 2020 we decided to reintroduce the Venus line of paddle boards. We are bringing the 2 popular sizes from our AllroundAir and CrusAir ranges in a beautiful color combination. More importantly the boards have the thickness of 5” for a lower standing position and lighter weight. Our Triple Layer Composite and our Double Layer constructions both include the specially developed process of pre-lamination. This high tech process consists of machine-lamination of the multiple layers into a shell that has accurate thickness as well as superior abrasion and stretch properties. Compared to normal double layer boards we have been able to remove the manual glue application from the process and with it the room for error, the excess weight of the glue and the additional health hazards for our workers. The fiber reinforced layers create super strong and durable boards with a minimal amount of stretch.

Key Features English:

Welded Seam Technology

Light weight SUP

Low standing position

AllroundAir and CruisAir shapes

9″ fin and US compatible fin box


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