2020 NeilPryde NP Glide Surf Carbon Foil slim



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Division: Neil Pryde

Group: NP Foil

Season: 2020

Base: Top Plate

Fusel Age (cm): 71

Mast Length (cm): 75

Spread Front Wing (cm): 80

Spread Rear Wing (cm): 40

Spread Front Wing (cm): 80

Key Features:

The GLIDE SURF CARBON is our new addition to the Surf Foils. With its carbon mast and carbon fibre construction, the weight has been reduced while the stiffness has been increased. The GLIDE SURF Carbon offers improved manoeuvrability due to the reduced chord length of the profile and the ability to lean more in the turns thanks to the longer mast. The GLIDE SURF Carbon comes in a heavy duty but lightweight construction as we integrated the adaptor plate and mast into a single carbon fibre component making it the best connection for your surf and SUP boards. Plug and Play.

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