2020 RRD Emotion Kite

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The EMOTION Y25 is still the most versatile one-strut kite, which was specially designed for super light wind performance, with fast flight and turning behavior and long hangtime. A practical advantage over conventional kites is the at least 20% smaller pack size and lower weight. The new leading edge not only improves flight stability in the high-end wind range, but also increases the turning speed and the rigidity of the overall shape. The EMOTION Y25 sets its standards again this year in the categories of application, compactness, lightness and simplicity. It is a proven freeride foil kite, which due to its lightweight construction is stable in the sky very early on, efficiently converts control commands into propulsion and has a perfect relaunch ability.

Key features:

One-strut design, high-performance kite in a moderate delta shape with a high aspect ratio

Light and robust freeride kite for all areas of application, wind and wave conditions

Particularly outstanding for hydrofoiling due to its outstanding low end

Gentle and linear train construction as well as low holding and steering forces

Fast, reactive turning behavior and great hangtime

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