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The AV8 is designed for riders looking for a super-efficient kite to compete with while providing the attributes of a Boost & Hang time machine. The AV8 kite is a highly efficient 5-strut power source that can deliver incredibly high VMG (Velocity Made Good). The slim profiles and the optimized AR offer maximum performance in a lightweight inflatable structure. Der AV8 fliegt mit Geschwindigkeit und einem unglaublich steifen Rahmen gegen den Wind. Wenn Sie nicht im Wind fahren, ist die Stromversorgung des AV8 voll und stabil. Die flache Bogenform des AV8 macht ihn ideal für große Sprünge in Kombination mit seidenweichen Landungen. DESIGNPROFIL 5-Strut, hybrides, leichtes, effizientes Design, schnelles aerodynamisches Profil.   EIGENSCHAFTEN

  • Hochfester Dacron für verbesserte Lichtbogenstabilität
  • Ultimative Leistung bei unterschiedlichsten Bedingungen und Fahrstilen
  • Reibungslose Kraftübertragung
  • Vorhersehbares Handling mit überlegener Stabilität und Reichweite
  • Großer Sweet Spot
  • Tolle Leistung bei Gegenwind
  • Lächerlich hohe Wartezeiten
  • Sehr agile und leichte Präzisionslenkung
  • Einfacher Relaunch
  • Stabilität bei starkem Wind
  • Leistungsstark und effizient


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After the operation of the 1X Security System the kite falls from the sky without pressure and blows out on the Frontline marked with the 1X pennant – whether on land or on the water and in all wind conditions. Our new High Tenacity Dacron has been specially developed for kitesurfing. The 150 x 250 denier (unit of measure for the fineness of silk and synthetic fibers) strong fiber structure benefits all inflatable segments of the kite. In particular, the tensile strength of the so-called warp threads increases the torsional stiffness along the entire length of the leading edge. In addition, the increased number of high tenacity warp threads controls the stretching of the leading edge. The less the leading edge and struts stretch, the more accurate the kite will fly without deforming at high airspeeds. Every Cabrinha kite has a simple way of choosing its power level. Each control line has a so-called “pig tail”, on which three different power positions can be set. The middle position is recommended. To get a bit more power out of the kite, attach to the knot closest to the kite. For less power, use the knot that is the furthest away from the kite. The strategically placed panels provide ultimate control over aerodynamic profiles in the kite. Smooth and stable profile input. An overall improved efficiency, performance and range of the kite. He flies faster through the sky and gives you so an extended range of services. The Skeletal Frame provides the necessary structure that keeps the kite in its original intended shape while in the air. The sturdy frame minimizes the deformation of the kite when it is flown by turbulence and allows for excellent depower. The Leading Edge neatly redirects the laminar flow over the Pure Profile ™ panels, so the kite responds very quickly after any stall. Folding the tips in the air is also prevented. The inflatable construction can reduce the number of bridles that would otherwise be needed for stability. In addition, the structure guarantees more safety and an easy relaunch when the kite floats on the water surface. The Sprint Inflation System is the most efficient and easiest way to pump up your kite quickly and deflate it later, and has been completely redesigned to provide improved airflow. The large Airlock valve allows the air to flow into the kite with as little resistance as possible and spread in the tube and struts. The valve does not need a special adapter to connect the pump. Once inflated, all struts can be closed one at a time to maintain the rigid frame of the kite and prevent complete air leakage due to a defect. After the session, the complete kite can be vented and rolled up within seconds.

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