Swiss waterman Balz Müller again pushed his limits to the max while spending a few weeks in Pozo Izquierdo. He has travelled to the high wind “Mecca” for the first time and felt in love, when testing the 40+ knots conditions with his windsurfing and wing equipment. When the wind was lighter, he showed incredible skills on his wind foiling gear. Balz created a list of new move combos upfront and tried to land as many as possible. He tried a Shifty Forward or a Table Top Back loop (he landed this special combo a few weeks later in Fuerteventura during the freestyle World Cup). It’s so much fun watching the Swiss dare devil, who combines his incredible skills, physical fitness and brilliant creativity all day long when creating new moves.

Swisswaterfamily (name from our new van project) been on the road to the Canary Islands. at our first stop Pozo we`ve made plenty unforgettable memories. And I’ve worked hard on the “POZO SEND LIST” to step up my windsurfing to new limits, just as Shifty into Forward and Tabletop Backloop… many more to be done, can’t wait to visit this beautiful windsurf playground soon again.Balz Müller about the time in Pozo in July 2023

Swiss waterman Balz Müller sends it in Pozo Izquierdo in summer 2023 – Video