Yentel Caers won the first ever Foilstyle competition at the EFPT event in Vieste. The Belgian managed to defend his first position from the Single Elimination also in the Double Elimination. In this new competition format, two moves per tack were counting, one less than in a standard Fin Freestyle competition. Yentel also put in the highest scoring move of the competition, which was a 7,74 Pasko. Yentel said: “The Pasko is like a cheatcode for me, without that move I wouldn’t have been able to make it as far!”  

Lennart Neubauer took second place and Steven Van Broeckhoven finished in 3rd.

EFPT Vieste 2023 – Day 4 Highlight Video – Foilstyle Double Elimination

EFPT Vieste 2023 – Day 2 Highlight Video – Foilstyle Single Elimination

Result Foilstyle – EFPT Vieste 2023

1. Yentel Caers
2. Lennart Neubauer
3. Steven van Broeckhoven
4. Tim Gerdes
5. Sam Esteve
6. Jamie Howard
7. Bodhi Kempen
7. Tigo Kort
9. Lucie Honegger
9. Youp Schmit