Adrien Bosson won the single elimination ahead of Antony Ruenes and Yentel Caers in third. Afterwards the double elimination of the men started and they were able finish the first two rounds.

The completion of the men’s single elimination

On the third day of the freestyle competition the men’s single elimination got completed in excellent 4.4m – 4.8m conditions. The heat length got extended to 9 minutes and 4 moves out of 8 attempts on each tack were counting. The overall heat points went up in the 40s and even 50s. Reigning freestyle world champion Adrien Bosson proved that he is the man to beat at the moment. Adrien won the men’s single elimination by beating Yentel Caers in the semi final in a very tight heat and his fellow countryman Antony Ruenes in the final. Antony Ruenes won against Amado Vrieswijk in the semi final and qualified for his second time in a winners final on the PWA tour. 

Result Single Elimination 

1. Adrien Bosson
2. Antony Runes
3. Yentel Caers
4. Amado Vrieswijk

Yesterday Sarah-Quita Offringa won the women’s freestyle single elimination to currently lead the event in front of Oda Johanne Brødholt, Maaike Huvermann and Lina Erpenstein. You can check out yesterday’s action: Sarah-Quita wins freestyle single elimination

1. Sarah-Quita Offringa
2. Oda Johanne
3. Maaike Huvermann
4. Lina Erpenstein

The first two rounds of the men’s double elimination

After the completion of the men’s single elimination the PWA race crew returned to 8 minutes long heats with 3 out of 7 moves on each tack counting. In almost 3 hours 16 two men heats got completed. A few big names showed their potential and qualified for the top 16 like Steven van Broeckhoven, EFPT tour leader Lennart Neubauer, reigning vice world champion Jacopo Testa, Nicolas Akgazciyan and Youp Schmit, one of the last years PWA Freestyle title contenders. Young Japanese wave expert Takuma Sugi, young French freestyle talent Nil Bacon and UK freestyler George Grisley also made it into the top 16.