Bad news for Philip Köster: The five-time windsurfing world champion had to undergo surgery due to persistent severe pain in his left foot. This is already Philip’s second severe injury, after the torn cruciate ligament and meniscus injury which happened in 2016.

In May Philip Köster injured his left foot during a training jump in Gran Canaria. According to the initial diagnosis, it was a chipped metatarsal bone and did not require surgery. But as he still had pain, he decided to get his foot checked by an absolute expert in Professor Doctor Markus Walther in Munich and it turned out his lisfranc ligament was torn. 

Operation went well, the ligaments were stitched and additionally some screws provide more stability. I am in very good spirits about the healing process. After my bad knee injury in 2016, I came back stronger than before and became world champion again directly the following year. If I could achieve that again, that would be great.Thanks to Red Bull Germany for taking such good care of me! Soon it is time to head to Austria to get physiotherapy started at the Red Bull performance center. Philip Köster