Cabrinha H-Series MKII Front Wing 2023

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Division: Cabrinha

Group: Cab. Wingboard

Season: 2023

Description of Goods: Foilwing for Wingsurf

Carryover: 03S / NEW 2023

No of Struts:

Category: High Aspect – Surf / Freestyle / Race Foil



The H-SERIES High Aspect foil range is the latest offering from Cabrinha’s state of the art foil design program in collaboration with Keahi De Aboitiz. The H-series wings represent the pinnacle in hydrodynamic efficiency & performance while seamlessly integrates into the Cab Fusion Foil system. The high aspect shape allows for effortless pumping, insane glide while retaining an ‘easy-to-steer’ feeling. Whether you use them for wing, kite or foil-surfing, rise to the occasion with all of the H-series’ cutting edge features and be prepared for the endless ride.







High aspect Ratio
The high aspect ratio design allows for incredible top end performance. What sets it apart from the competition is its superior maneuverability


Ultra Efficiency
The unrivaled Efficiency in the H-Series mkII translates to effortless pumping and glide. Perfectly suited for wingfoiling, kite foiling and prone foiling.


Ultra Lean Profile
The all new ultra lean profile now boasts an increased speed range and superior performance


Feeling Tipsy
The all new tip design allows you to be able to free the tips in a turn, but be confident that the foil will re-enter without cavitation. This is one specific area of research & testing undertaken at the SINTEF facility.


Tapered Fit
The ergonomic tapered connection between the fuselage and mast provides the ultimate in rigidity, while still being easy to assemble and disassemble.

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