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We developed the very best lightwind kite to maximize your time on the water! We’re proud to introduce the new Synergy, the optimum feather-weight kite built with one strut and created to be powerful, super stable and easy to fly in the lightest of wind conditions. The Synergy ensures that you will always be able to kite, and never be on the sidelines when the wind is low or drops off! The Synergy is designed to be the ultimate kite for hydrofoiling and riding in low wind conditions. The Synergy is especially ideal for travelling, since it’s so lightweight and compact that it can easily fit it in your hand luggage. If you’re ready for summer breezes and cruising into the sunset, the Synergy is the right kite for you!
Clean shape and design
The Synergy comes with a brand new minimalistic look. Being designed with a well-balanced amount of profile panels, the canopy and leading edge have been made super smooth, allowing a clean airflow to let kite float even better and make it extra stable.
Direct feel and kite feedback
The Synergy is incredibly light and extremely direct. It responds to commands super effectively and even if depowered, you can steer it quickly and precisely. This kite equals fun, be it on flat water or waves.
Light and direct turning
Built for hydrofoiling, the Synergy does not pull you off the hydrofoil but follows your every move, even upwind and downwind. Super fun to use in waves, the Synergy can be placed exactly where it needs to be and follows turns on flat water or on waves quickly. The Synergy feels really light on the bar, making it super comfortable to cruise around with for long sessions.

Tech Specs Synergy

One-Strut Design

Light, incredibly stable and easy to pack one-strut kite

One-Strut Design One-Strut Design

The Synergy comes equipped with a single centre-strut. This ensures a stiff profile which is not weighed down by extra struts and is super easy to pump and pack-up. The one strut design also ensures the stability you need while riding. Furthermore, the one-strut keeps the canopy open for easier relaunch.
Continuous leading edge Continuous leading edge

The Synergy’s leading edge is perfectly rounded, built with curved segments which make it a continuous curved LE. This results in the smoothest transition possible between leading edge and canopy, increasing the aerodynamics of this kite. In turns, this creates more power and goes better upwind and downwind.

Internal Wing profile Internal Wing profile

With little wind it’s important to keep your kite up in the air at all times. The Synergy has an internal wing profile that connects the canopy to the strut. This profile creates better stability of the kite in light wind, to eliminate it front stalling, even when you let go of the bar. So, whilst you’re floating on your hydrofoil catching waves and swells, you won’t have to worry about your kite.
Low Wind Performance Design Low Wind Performance Design

Kevlar reinforcement patches are only located on the most necessary places on the leading edge and canopy. This creates a very light, still very durable kite. The entire span of the leading edge has been reinforced with double stitches along the seam to protect it from getting damaged when crashing it. The reinforcements on the Synergy are exactly where they need to be to ensure durability whilst maintaining the kite’s feather-weight.

Super Kook Proof Pigtails Super Kook Proof Pigtails

Besides having colour coded back and front line connections, we added super kook proof pigtails to your back lines, to avoid the moment where you can’t remember which knot you used to attach your kite to. This way you will always use the same knot and your kite feeling will always be optimal.

Fit-all Valve


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