Mattia Pedrani, one of the hardcore freestyle windsurfers creating several insane moves in the past, likes to windsurf in waves nowadays. Here’s some nice footage from Viana do Castelo, Portugal, where he mixed wave windsurfing with proper freestyle in the powerful El Norte wind conditions. Mattia lands perfect Goiters, Takas, Wave fs 360s, Back loops or slides through Auto-Rotators. Great to watch Mr. Pedrani!!! Keep pushing in waves! It’s looking good!

Quick field trip up north to Viana do Castelo to hang out with my parents and share some fun windsurfing and surfing sessions together. Got pretty lucky and scored some decent-sized swell with side-off wind in Cabedelo, good change of pace from Guincho’s howling side-on mayhem. Mattia Pedrani

Mattia Pedrani in waves in Viana do Castelo, Portugal – Video