2020 RRD Obsession Kite

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The ultimate freestyle kite that led Adeuri Corniel to the top and the vice title of this year’s GKA Freestyle World Cup 2019. The OBSESSION Y25 is a full-blooded freestyle bomb. The shape is more similar to that of a delta kite than a classic C-kite. The wings have been made more open for even more power, lift and hangtime. The diameter of the leading edge and the trail edge have also been optimized. As a result, the bar forces were reduced, at the same time it enables the kite to turn even faster and thus provides more power and even faster maneuvers. All these small changes have made it possible to develop a performance freestyle kite from a 4 line kite that is superior to every 5 line C-kite on the market. The new freestyle weapon from RRD is the ideal kite for every mega loop,

Key features:

Uncompromising high-performance, high-aspect ratio freestyle C-kite with explosive pop, very good lift, eternal hangtime and solid slack

Unhooked very stable, but accelerated brutally on kiteloops

Outstanding crash resistance thanks to exclusive patches and radial dacron reinforcement

Tight and very predictable turning behavior with precise bar feeling, therefore particularly well suited for hardcore freestyle moves

Powerful basic pull and good up-hill running properties

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