Cabrinha Moto X 2023

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Division: Cabrinha

Group: Cab. Kites

Season: 2023

Description of Goods: 100% Polyester Kites

Carryover: 03S / NEW 2023

No of Struts: 3

Category: Freeride Crossover / Freestyle / Surf / Foil



From the evolution of electric vehicles, through to being able to carry a computer in our pockets we are surrounded by innovation, and in the Cabrinha range this is most noticeable in the all-new Moto X.

In what was already the most versatile kite in the range, we have taken the performance to an all-new level through not only the latest material advancements from the Cab Design Works Team, but also a new innovative design from Pat Goodman. A kite that can be flown anywhere, by anyone. A kite that allows you to choose the way you ride. A kite that will take you to the next level of riding.







NEW: Refined lightweight canopy design for reduced weight and reactive performance


NEW: Durable TPU Leading edge bumpers


NEW: Sprint 3.0


NEW: Durable TPU Leading edge bumpers


NEW: HTD Lite: Lightweight ultra rigid dacron

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Bi-Direction Pure Profile Panels – The smoothest and 3d correct shape we’ve ever created allowing the smoothest transition between the segmented leading edge and curved canopy.

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Forward Drive – The Moto’s unique profiles combined with the reduced coning of the arc shape allow the Moto to fly incredibly fast through the wind window

Key_Features_Shape of design_en_3

Unrivaled versatility – Excellent for freeride, surf, freestyle and foiling

Key_Features_Shape of design_en_4

Simplicity Personified – The Moto’s light bar pressure & fast steering make it as easy to use as it gets.

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No Pulley Bridle – Light, simple and responsive. No pulleys provides incredible feedback.

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