Dieter van der Eyken put together some of his favorite footage from his winter trips to wave sailing spots in France, Tenerife, South Africa and Chile.

For the first time since the start of the pandamic I have been able to enjoy a winter quite filled with travels again both inside & outside of Europe. In this clip I have taken some of my favorite clips I caught this winter in the wait for the summer trades to kick off here in the Canaries.

The winter started with a trip by van to Northern Britany in autumn visiting spots like Le Dossen & share session with Steffi Wahl, Adrien Grenole , Baptiste and many more local sailors and followed by a big swell in the North of Tenerife straight after getting back home.

In January it was than time to go to Cape Town for the first time in my life sailing 12 different spots during my trip of 17 days with the Dutch Crew! 

After that I managed to get a few Cabezo sessions in before heading to Chili for the first time where I got to compete in the IWT/PWA event at Matanzas and could sail the most famous spot Topo Calma a couple of times. We didn’t score any classic Chili but definitely got a good taste for it! Dieter van der Eyken

Dieter participated in two wave events, in Chile and Pozo Izquierdo and finished twice in 17th. 

Winter Windsurf Wave Sailing 2022/23 with Dieter van der Eyken – Video

Filmed by Steffi Wahl (Bretagne) – Also photographer of the cover photo, Adrian Grelon (Bretagne), Philippe Mesmeur (Bretagne), Justin Van der Loo (Cape Town), Thomas Bouwman (Cape Town), Julian Salmon (Chile), Miguel Chapuis (Chile)